Artist Statement

Taking the time to stop, look and contemplate; this is where my art begins. - Susannah Crook

The natural world, in its many forms has always been my focus.

I am enthralled by the miniature, quieter landscapes at our feet; for example the pebbles that gather in small communities amongst the rocks and crevices at the water’s edge. They move with the ebb and the flow of the tide finding a resting place before the tide returns to move them on again. Taking time to slow down and seek out these quiet spaces is a mindful, meditative experience, which I aim to translate into my paintings.

The ebb and flow of the tide implies movement and transformation of a place over time. My abstract pieces aim to communicate this concept through layering of form and colour to create a sense of stillness and calm.

The ever changing, expansive sky, the shifting sands and the reflections of the sky on water, provide a sense of awe and wonder and have inspired my paintings on canvas. Working in acrylics, I aim to capture that sense of wonder and a sense of place.

I practice a mindful approach to my work understanding that the creation of art has many benefits to our mental and spiritual well being.
It can relax, de-stress and rejuvenate and, through the process of mindfully drawing and painting, I can find stillness, clarity and joy.

Through my artwork and my teaching I aim to provide the time and space for us to become still, to focus, to simply breathe and to create.