Artist Statement

Taking the time to stop, look and contemplate; this is where my art begins. - Susannah Crook

The natural world, in its many forms, and the inherent connections between those forms, has always been my focus.

The ever changing, expansive sky, the shifting sands and the reflections of the sky on water, provide a sense of awe and wonder. Working with free flowing, natural pigments, I aim to capture that sense of wonder and a timeless sense of place. Working with the earth to create images inspired by the earth is a very visceral experience.

I am equally enthralled by the miniature, quieter landscapes at our feet; for example the pebbles that gather in small communities amongst the rocks and crevices at the water’s edge. They move with the ebb and the flow of the tide finding a resting place before the tide returns to move them on again. Taking time to slow down and seek out these quiet spaces is a mindful, meditative experience, which I aim to translate into my paintings.

Going closer still, the abstract geological markings and layerings created over millennia inform my abstract work, and represent how this land has been shaped.

When we look closely we can see that each natural element connects to, and energises, the other through a 'linescape' of markings. It's this 'linescape' that provides an endless fascination, because we, as individuals, are likewise connected to, and energised by, this continuous, infinite, linear flow.

Through my artwork and my teaching I aim to provide the time and space for us to become still, to become present, to reconnect with the land and sea, to simply breathe and to create.